Claudio Spano

Hello, my name is Claudio Spano.
I'm an Italian graphic designer based in Rome.

I strongly believe in the power of visual communication and I always work to improve my skills and find new inspirational themes.

My work covers corporate identity, branding, illustration, printing and web design. I worked as a printer, commercial artist, web content editor and web designer.

I like to play with CSS, to create animations and flexible themes, always applying to the maximum accessibility.

I love Japanese prints, war prints, Alexander Rodchenko's works and street art.

Feel free to contact me

some of my latest works


I have been responsible for the upgrade of the graphics and the implementation of responsive design

single page website

techniques used:
dreamweaver, photoshop, CSS, jquery, media queries, ajax

satirical cartoons

techniques used:
photoshop, bamboo tablet

published on the weekly satirical magazine

android apps

self-taught android apps development

google play


techniques used:
oracle, photoshop, dreamweaver

I looked after the CNR project "KnowInG", a prototype of an enterprise social network, helping the coders team and taking care about the graphic elements

KnowInG Project


techniques used:

World Celebrations UNESCO for World Food Day 2012 brochure

World Food Day